The Cook Pine Story

In 1774, British Explorer James Cook transplanted a species of tree, which is now known as the Cook Pine, to the islands of Hawaii. In bringing saplings from New Caledonia, Captain Cook wished to have a ready supply of trees available for use as masts on his sailing ships. These conifers, which grow to heights of up to 160 feet, are known for their predictable, straight growth, as well as for their sturdiness and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

We have chosen the Cook Pine as a symbol of what we represent to the alternative investment marketplace. We strive for consistent, solid growth coupled with risk mitigation. Our customized hedge fund portfolios are constructed to not only benefit from favorable market conditions, but also to withstand adverse economic forces that result from the violent winds of market change. Additionally, we realize that to meet the needs of tomorrow, one must plant the seeds of growth today.
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